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Münzsammlung des Lehrstuhls für Alte Geschichte der Universität Augsburg

The coin collection of the Chair of Ancient History of the University of Augsburg contains about 1.500 objects, predominantly, though not exclusively, covering the Roman Republic, Empire and Late Antiquity - all of which are integrated into University courses; a great part of the collection is made up of coins from Mesembria (Black Sea). The collection was established by Prof. Dr. Gunter Gottlieb in 1978 with the help of funding by banking institutions in Augsburg as well as private donors, and was continously expanded by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Overbeck.

Project management: Prof. Dr. Gregor Weber
Editorial: Alexander Boss, M.A., Dr. Christopher Schliephake
Programming: Jürgen Freundel, Ilmenau

Academic Staff and responsibilities

Alexander Boss, M.A. with the assistance of Maximilian Kroh, Ludwig Sedlmaier and Dr. Christopher Schliephake

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